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BrandVenture Consulting is here to help your team discover the critical elements of your organizational story. We then show you how telling your organizational story strategically empowers your venture to find the correct audience and tell your story through channels and mediums where they will hear and receive your message. This moves your audience to a purchase or support decision, and leads your organization to sustainable growth.

We can help you build your brand platform from the ground up, tweak it if it needs adjusting, or fix it if it's broken.

Intensive Sessions - Build it. Fix it.

Whether you are building your brand from the ground up, rebranding, or fixing a problem brand, BrandVenture Consulting will work with your team to discover your organizational story and create its framework, build your comprehensive communication strategy, and develop a plan to execute your strategy. We will get you started right, and put you back on the right brand path. Includes:

  • Custom-length retreat 

  • On-site or off-site

  • Post session progress checks

  • Implementation mentoring

Customized Projects - Goals. Needs.

BrandVenture Consulting will work with your organization to determine your specific marketing and communications goals/needs and develop a set of strategies and tactics to meet your goals/needs with a prioritized plan for implementation. One project at a time. Or multiple. Includes:

  • Customized options that fit your organizations needs and schedule

  • On-site or off-site mini intensive sessions

  • Strategy creation

  • Implementation mentoring

Implementation - Guide. Coach. Execute.

BrandVenture Consulting won't just build your strategy blueprint and leave you wondering what to do next. We are here to guide our clients through the execution and implementation process of your comprehensive communication strategy. We can guide your team, coach them through the process, or execute for you. You pick what works best for your team. Includes:

  • Customized options that fit your project, goals, needs

  • Coaching and support through the implementation process

  • Retainer or project - based engagement options

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