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"I cannot say enough about the talent and precision of Meagan Garrett at BrandVenture.  Meagan intently listened to me as I shared the vision I had for my company. She beautifully and articulately brought that vision to life.  Meagan was able to construct a masterpiece platform from the fragmented pieces that I had given her.  I am so grateful for her services that gave me the ability to carry out my dream.  If you desire to make an impact in the world with your business, BrandVenture is the company to put you on the path to success."

-Aimee Livingston, Founder, Divina Wellness

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"Meagan's enthusiasm and knowledge made a huge impact on our program. She gave us the information and tools needed to be a successful organization. I would highly recommend her services to any business or nonprofit.” 

-Carey Gibbons, Executive Director Children's First Therapy


“Meagan excels at building relationships to secure media coverage. Our exposure increased exponentially while she was running our media efforts; gaining local, national and international coverage for our programs.”

- Gordon McConnell, Vice President for Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University

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